Yerevan, Lori, Shirak, Nor Akunq
Technical Audit (Water / Wastewater)

Sachsen Wasser (SaWa) has finished the fourth year of the contract and continues working as independent technical auditor for supervising a major lease contract covering the water and wastewater infrastructure within most of the Armenian territory.

The scope of services as auditor is to:

  • monitor the fulfilment of the performance standards of the lease contract,
  • conduct annual technical (O&M) and management audits of the Lessee,
  • implement annual customer satisfaction surveys,
  • conduct on-site audit missions within the service area covered by the lease contract.


Framework “Export Initiative Environmental Technologies”

Within the framework of the German BMU project in the field of export of green and sustainable (environmental) infrastructure “Export Initiative Environmental Technologies” SaWa is involved in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the region of the Leipzig twin city Travnik. The aim of the project – together with a team of Leipzig-based companies – is to develop an inter-municipal, resource-efficient and sustainable wastewater and circular economy concept for selected municipalities in the canton of Central Bosnia. Within the project, SaWa is developing a strategic concept adapted to the local framework conditions as well as accompanying measures in the field of knowledge transfer and capacity building. The project aims to support the sustainable development of environmental infrastructure systems for recycling and wastewater management in 3 valleys of the canton of Central Bosnia, while respecting local social, legal and political conditions. For this purpose, the wastewater management concept will first be developed for pilot municipalities and then proposals for transmission to other municipalities will be presented. Because of Corona, so far contacts has only been virtual, so the data collection is not yet complete.


Regional Water Supply: Procurement Support

SaWa continues its engagement in the procurement support assignment, for the local company “JP RV Plava Voda” from Travnik. The assignment is financed by Germany and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Shareholder Special Fund and administrated by the EBRD. SaWa has prepared the tendering documents and provides support in carrying out the tendering procedures.


Itang, Gambella region
United Nations Children`s Fund, UNICEF: Capacity Building for Itang Water Utility

The Capacity Building project for the Itang Water Utility, ITWU, located in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, near the South-Sudan border, financed by UNICEF and KfW, is running since the second half of 2018 to establish and capacitate a newly formed utility responsible for managing the water supply system for the host communities (Itang town, Thupham town and Abol community) and to the refugee camps in the region, namely Tierkidi, Nguenyyiel and Kule, a total population of about 250,000.

The Project outcomes are aiming at

  • an improved (continues) water supply in the hands of local/regional authorities/ bodies,
  • long lasting solutions for both refugees and hosting communities,
  • equity in terms of distribution of services for access to (water) resources.

Recently, the project has implemented an extended financial and commercial IT system which consists of accounting, billing, collection, human resources, work orders and other supporting modules. Trainings were provided and the utility staff has started familiarizing with the new software and hardware. Continues mentoring and coaching over the coming project months will further support the sustainability of this investment. Currently, the update of the business plan for the utility and an affordability assessment is implemented in Itang and Turpham communities. The results of this will be considered in the discussion for a tariff adjustment. A positive result is the stable water supply continuity in the service area over the last quarter. Continues training and mentoring is provided to the operation and maintenance team and recently a new engineer for the O&M team was hired by the utility.


Grammetal, Thuringia
Operations and maintenance, O&M

The wastewater association AV Grammetal contracted SaWa to perform the O&M services related to the wastewater facilities for 10 years in 2016. SaWa is responsible for the steady development of the O&M concept and the operation, control and maintenance of 3 existing wastewater treatment plants (50-500 population equivalent). Therefore, permanent staff was located on site. SaWa consulates the utility in investment planning, manages repairs, network inspections and organizes the 24 hours standby service. In the last years, in close coordination with the association, several investments were planned and realised that already have improved the wastewater services of the 4.000 inhabitants.


Nessetal, Thuringia
Commercial and technical management

Since January 1, 2019, SaWa supports the Thuringian water and wastewater association WAZV Mittleres Nessetal in the implementation of public water supply (extraction, storage and distribution of drinking water) and wastewater disposal (O&M of local sewers, special structures, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants) and the commercial processes. SaWa supports the removal, transport, treatment and disposal of the sludge accumulating in small sewage treatment plants and in septic tanks in the supply area. Besides the technical O&M, SaWa provides commercial services and customer relations management on behalf of the client. SaWa operates an office located centrally in the supply area and is available for the association’s customers on weekdays.


Kericho, Kisii, Nyamira and Litein
Water and Sanitation Sector Development Program Lake Victoria South: Consulting Services for Accompanying Measures

SaWa is implementing the Accompanying Measures for the Water and Sanitation Sector Development Programme, financed by KfW.

The main objective of the AM Component is to support the Water Service Providers (WSPs) KEWASCO and GWASCO to improve their performance and to enable sustainable operation of the newly constructed infrastructure. This will improve the water supply and wastewater services for the residents of the serviced areas in Kericho, Kisii, Nyamira and Litein.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has unfortunately resulted in a limited mobilisation of experts for the planned training activities. Therefore, only some of the planned activities have been carried out. All activities that had been planned for 2020 and were not carried out have been pushed to subsequent quarters and will be reviewed/updated as the situation develops. It is expected that trainings on strategic and business planning, asset management, corporate governance, and financial management will be started during the second quarter of 2021.

Currently our local partner is working with the WSPs on a Non-Revenue-Water reduction strategy in designated pilot zones. Despite any challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, SaWa remains confident that the up-coming trainings will have a positive impact on the WSPs.


Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo Programme, Phases III and IV

Following a planned break, project activities in Gjakova have been resumed in October 2020. The Regional Water Company Gjakova experienced Covid-related performance drops especially in the 2nd quarter of 2020, but on an annual level remains to be in line with required indicators, such as operational cost coverage and collection efficiency. The focus of our work is now more on preparing the Client for the operation of the new WWTP (29,000 p.e.), which is expected to be completed in mid-2021 (the picture shows the construction status in summer 2020). This will include recruitment support, coaching and operational assistance and advice during the first year of operation. SaWa also supports the Client in tariff adaptation as a result of taking into operation the new plant.


Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo Programme, Phases III and IV

Our consultancy services in Peja have been extended in scope and time, also to cater for lost opportunities during the first lockdowns during 2020.

SaWa and partners have supported the Regional Water Company Hidrodrini in the preparation and implementation of a number of commercial processes that went along with a considerable enhancement of their ERP/IT system, during which several modules and new functionalities have been added. Also, Hidrodrini has adopted an up-dated organisational structure as well as HR and salary system. Despite originally being a wastewater project, additional support was given in NRW and leak detection training, with several field trainings and measurements in different District Metered Areas (DMAs). During Phase 2 of the project, SaWa will concentrate on operational assistance for the new WWTP (80,000 p.e.).


Detailed Design and Construction Supervision: Accompanying Measure for Water Supply and Sanitation

SaWa continues its engagement in the Programme for Modernisation and Rehabilitation of Municipal Infrastructure Cahul (KfW, EU), concerning the rehabilitation of existing water supply and wastewater infrastructure in the southern town of Cahul on the river Prut, bordering Romania.

SaWa works in association and is in charge of the accompanying measures and is now in its second year of the four years project. SaWa supports both the water utility Apa Canal Cahul as well as the municipality (Project Executing Agency, PEA) and provide advisory and training services. Due to the Covid pandemic a mixture of remote and on-site trainings is applied. An NRW reduction team was established and conceptual strategies for NRW reduction and trainings were delivered and a 10% reduction has been measured since the beginning of the project. An improved organisational structure with adapted job descriptions and have been proposed as well as a staffing concept. Significant support was provided in areas of strategic, financial and commercial management, business planning, tariff application and customer relations has been provided. Apa Canal Cahul is currently involved in a process of regionalisation by way of delegation contracts with smaller municipalities in the region (rayon), a process that is also assisted by the consultant.


Bacolod City
Water Management in the Philippines Innovates

Together with the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economics, SaWa is working on approaches to improving the vocational training of water sector employees in the Philippines. This is part of a project funded by the German BMBF. In close cooperation with the water utility of the city of Bacolod, thematic workshops and stakeholder surveys are held. The company implements qualification measures for selected employees to improve operational processes.

SaWa is taking advantage of the Corona situation to carry out the training courses online, facing a variety of technical and organisational challenges.



Online Workshops and Coaching: Financial Management

In recent years, GIZ has promoted the establishment, organisation and development of the three water suppliers in Yei, Yambio and Torit. SaWa carried out training for six main topics. The topics were defined jointly by the GIZ and the local water utilities. Via online workshops and individual coaching, despite Corona, the further training was successfully completed.
The coaching will help the three utilities to

  • improve billing and collection services as well as customer service, spare parts management and asset accounting,
  • get knowledge of performance indicators and their use as well as the operation of the SUN accounting system.

These activities are intended to further strengthen financial integrity and thus improve protection against corruption and mismanagement within water suppliers.


Online Training: Water Management

As part of a BMU Initiative, DIHK Service GmbH develops an online training format for AHK employees worldwide.

The aim of the course is, among others, to inform about basic knowledge in the field of water management. After completing the course, the AHK employees will be empowered to accompany German companies in water-related-topics. Besides this, they should train themselves in the topic “water”. The task of SaWa is to design a content guide for the online course WATER, which is then visually implemented.